A beautiful flooring make building attractive because it adds the beauty and charm to every room and ultimately to your home. Tiles and stones are the most commonly used material for flooring in various kind of building as they are very durable and available at cheaper price. 

Tile adhesive is a special type of bonding agent which used to fix tiles over a different surfaces like plaster, wood, metal etc. Tile adhesive is a ready-made mixture made from Portland cement, polymers such as epoxy and selected aggregate particles with some additives added in it to improve its property for strengthen the bonding between tile and floor or wall.

Tile adhesives are primarily based on cement, epoxy and polymer. Tile adhesive is a flexible material which does not shrink or crack due to moisture and temperature changes. Tile adhesive is used to prevent crazing and shedding of tiles. It is very easy to use a tile adhesive, as ready-made bags are available and only water is to be mixed. Pre-mixed tile adhesives are also now available in the market. They are also used to fix or prevent seeping of water underneath the tiles.

Various polymers such as acrylic, latex, epoxy, etc. are added for improving its adhesion properties.

Acrylic polymer based adhesive makes tile adhesive moisture resistant. It is available in liquid form. It is generally used for fixing tiles of small sizes. It can be use to fix Ceramic tiles, Glazed tiles, natural stone tiles, etc. 

Latex based adhesive makes tile adhesive more flexible. It is ideal for exterior use where some movement is required. It is also useful for tile on tile application.

Epoxy helps in increasing hardness and strength of adhesives. Epoxy modified adhesives may be used internally or externally as they are resistant to oils, water, dilutes acids, alkalis and most solvents. Epoxy is the most expensive and strongest tile adhesive. Epoxy modified adhesives has industrial applications, such as fixing tiles which are chemical and corrosion resistant. For example, Fevicol BLUEFIX is a Epoxy Adhesive. This is suitable to Joint Marble, Granite, Metal, Wood, Ceramic and Glass, Sattelling time for this Epoxy Adhesive is 4 hours.

1. Tile Adhesives for Tiles Flooring:
Tile adhesive used for new tile flooring are generally polymer modified cement based tile adhesives which are available in powdered form and are mixed with water before application. They offer more strength as compared to normal cement-sand mortar. They also offer waterproof properties and can be used for application in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchen, swimming pools etc.

Magic bond by magicrete, Roff (NCA) New construction adhesive by Roff, Perma R-poxy by Perma, Latapoxy by MYKLaticrete, Pure by Dubond, Biotile by Kerakoll etc. are the commonly used tile adhesives.

2. Tile Adhesives for Wall Cladding or Fixing Tiles on Walls:
Polymer modified tile adhesives which have non-skid properties are used for application on wall cladding. They are ready to use adhesives which are mixed with water before application. Ceramic as well as vitrified tiles can be applied using this adhesive.

Roff stone tile adhesive by Roff, Sika Ceram Grey by Sika, Latifix 305 by MYKLaticrete, DU FIX by Dubond, etc. are commonly used products for this application.

3. Tile Adhesives for Fixing Glass Mosaics tiles:
It is useful for fixing of marble slabs, glass mosaic, glass tiles on internal, external wall, floor surfaces and swimming pool. Special adhesives which have high strength are used to fix glass mosaics tiles. They can also be used to fix tiles in submerged areas such as in bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. They are generally available in white coloured powder in bags of 5 kg to 25 kg. The white colour is due to addition of white cement. These are the most expensive adhesives.

Roff glass tile adhesive by Roff, Nicotile GPX by Fosroc, Perma Glass Mosaic by Perma, Sika Ceram White by Sika, Power by Dubond etc. are commonly used products for this application.

4. Tile Adhesives for Fixing New Tiles on Existing Tile Flooring:
While renovating the old tile flooring, many homeowners prefer fixing new tiles on the existing tile flooring. For this purpose tile adhesive having non-skid and no shrinkage property is used. It is Ideal for tile-on-tile application. Fixing all kinds of tiles on floor and vitrified, large format ceramic tiles on walls.

A blended polymer-modified cement-based powder tile adhesive. Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA) forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has excellent strength and bonding properties. They are made by blending special polymers with cementitious mixture.

Roff non-skid tile adhesive by Roff, Perma non slip adhesive by Perma, Sika Tilofix by Sika, MYK L-307 by MYK laticrete, Flex by Ardex endura etc. are commonly used products for this application.

5. Tile Adhesives for Fixing New Tiles on Plywood and Metal Base:
It is a flexible additive for tile adhesion on wood or ply which  surfaces are dry and high vibration prone.

They are polymer-modified cement-based adhesives with some additives added in them. They are available in liquid form and are mixed with non-skid adhesives before application. Mixing ratio of liquid and NSA is 1:1.5. It provides a strong bond with most surfaces and is ideal for fixing tiles on plywood. It is a non-hazardous and non-flammable liquid. It has a high tensile strength.

Roff ply master by Roff, Perma liquid tile adhesive by Perma, Laticrete 73 by MYKLaticrete etc, are commonly used tile adhesives for this application.


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