A door is a movable structure used for opening and closing an entrance or for giving access to something.

Following are the major types of Doors used in building.

1. Flush Doors
2. Panel Doors
3. Wooden or Timber Door
4. Roller Doors
5. Bifold Doors
6. Sliding Doors
7. Pivot Doors
8. French Doors
9. Aluminum Doors
10. Fibre Glass Door
11. Fiber-reinforced Plastic Doors
12. PVC Doors
13. Battened & Ledged Doors
14. Bamboo Doors
15. Glass Doors
16. Steel Doors
17. Louvered Doors
18. Swing Doors
19. Collapsible Doors
20. Sliding Doors
21. Rolling Shutters
22. Glazed Doors
23. Revolving Doors

1. Flush Doors :

Flush Door Manufacturer In India | Kanchan Ply

flush door is made of solid blockboard core, vertical stiles, and horizontal rails that create a pre-fixed frame and blockboard is composed of wooden strips that are placed edge-to-edge and sandwiched between 4 mm ply.

2. Panel Doors :

6 Panel Tudor Door at Rs 2873 /per pc | Panel Doors | ID: 20324188012

Last two decades ago, panel doors are very popular for quite some time. Its name gives the idea about its making that the door is made from not a single piece of wood or other material, but instead is comprised of panels.

3. Wooden or Timber Doors :

Interior Solid Wood Doors, Rs 1400 /unit, Vizous Interio Private ...

These types of doors are primarily used for interior door applications. Timber is the oldest material used for the doors and timber never seems out of fashion. There are many good reasons for using wood such as wooden doors provide soundproofing, insulation, and security. They are easy to install and clean. They have a long life. Being a natural material, they have a different appeal. They do look elegant. They are very costly.

4. Roller Doors :

Side roll garage door | Garage doors, Modern garage doors

Roller doors mostly used for garages and storage facilities however they are an extremely trendy addition to a living-room for instance. We can also utilize a roller door to separate the interior home from the deck or garden.

5. Bifold Doors :

Entrance Vinyl/pvc/upvc Folding/bifold Doors For From China - Buy ...

If you are looking for a seamless connection between inside and out of your house, choose bifold. Bifold would be the best option for your needs. bifolding designs are not like Dutch or French but, they give stack neatly out of the way, providing gloriously open access to the garden and an expansive feeling inside.

6. Sliding Doors :

Black,Wooden And Metallic Glass Sliding Doors, Rs 4000 /piece | ID ...

Sliding doors are also known as bypass doors and are generally used for locations including large opening as that discovered in a bedroom or closets. Sliding doors do not swing open and rather, you have to move them on the track and that’s why they do not disrupt other components of the space. Therefore,  just a part of the opening is accessible at a time.

7. Pivot Doors :

Seeyesdoor America Design Pivot Door Solid Wood Entrance Door ...

The pivot doors are simply designed to rotate about its vertical axis. These doors are available with or without a stopper, this door can effortlessly rotate 360 degrees in its own axis thus achieving an elegant swing in the space.

8. French Doors :

Aluminium Frame French Door at Rs 450 /square feet | फ्रेंच ...

A French door generally made up of one piece and has the light construction with glass panes extending for most of its length. They are also known as French windows.

9. Aluminium Doors :

Aluminium Doors Frame | Aluminium Windows, Partitions and office ...

When you plan to give elegance look to your house, what types of door do you prefer? Perhaps the best choice for you would be aluminum. Aluminum doors already first-choice option for contemporary architecture because of the security, aesthetics, and insulation properties it gives.

10. Fiber Glass Doors :

China Fangda High End Paint Fiberglass Door Doors Home Depot Doors ...

Generally, glass fiber is manufactured by bonding fiber with resin that can be utilized to produce a variety of products consisting of bathtubs, doors and windows and so on.
11. Fiber-reinforced Plastic Doors :

FRP Doors with Frame, FRP Panel Door, Fiber Reinforced Plastic ...

Fiber-reinforced plastic has high strength it can be put to numerous usages consisting of manufacture of doors. FRP doors are available in many colors and surfaces consisting of natural wood surfaces in the market.

12. UPVC Doors :

UPVC Hinged Bathroom Doors, Door Height - 7 Feet, Rs 400 /square ...

UPVC is one of the most widely used materials that goes into making windows and doors. It is especially used in making modern doors, mostly because the material unlike timber and aluminium is generally very low cost in nature, and other than being cost effective, it also offers some great benefits such as durability, easy maintenance, and versatility.
The term UPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Basically, it is a form of plastic that is also known as rigid PVC because the material is hard and inflexible. The word ‘unplasticised’ means that there are no such additives being used during the entire manufacturing process. After it has been manufactured, there are several companies that reinforce the UPVC by inserting a core of galvanised steel to increase the strength. This process mainly increases the strength of the material when it comes to the longevity and the security of the doors and windows.

13. Battened & Ledged Doors :

18 Types of Doors Used in Building Works

These types of doors composed of vertical boards called battens which are nailed or screwed to horizontal members called ledgers. The battens used are generally 15 to 18 cm wide and 2 to 3 cm thick. Normally, narrow Battened doors have a better appearance.These doors can be either braced or braced and framed to offer rigidness and a much better look. Such doors are mostly utilized for toilets, baths, WC, and other rooms as well as in homes where the economy is the prime factor to consider.

14. Bamboo Doors :

Bamboo Door Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Bamboo strips can be used indoors and windows, including their frames and so on. One common option to the wood item is the jute-coir composite board which can be made use of for the manufacture of doors.

15. Glass Doors :

Double glass doors to the mall or office Vector Image

Glass is most commonly used for windows and doors, primarily for paneling. It depends on owner weather like to use glass, doors can be made out of glass for particular areas. Generally, glass doors’ most suitable location is on the backside as it offers an unblocked view of the yard or garden.

16. Steel Doors :

Residential Steel Door at Rs 5000 /unit | Steel Doors | ID ...

Steel metal doors may be the first choice of doors when looking for doors for your commercial establishment, but they are some of the more versatile door options. Steel doors most suitable for exterior-facing doors that need to withstand heavy traffic and exterior elements. Nowadays, steel doors can also be installed in a residence though they are more commonly used for stores, schools and commercial buildings.

17. Louvered Doors :

Hinged Louvered Doors, Rs 4700 /square meter, Exch Therm ...

These types of doors are used when privacy with natural ventilation and quietness for rest is desired, as they allow free passage of air even when closed.  Louvered doors can be used to help ventilate certain areas of your home, to add a small amount of privacy to otherwise open space, or as room dividers.

18. Swing Doors :

Automatic Swing Glass Doors, स्विंगिंग डोर - Entrance ...

Swing Doors are much similar to hinged doors, but here the Hinge can be rotated in either direction. In these types of doors, a shutter is fixed to the frame with double action spring hinges which enables the movement on either side. It is made like that the slight force will open the door, while the spring action in the hinge brings the shutter to a closed position. The shutter return to its position is forced, so the door has to be fully glazed or put a peephole at eye level to prevent accidents.

19. Collapsible Doors :

MS Elevator Collapsible Door, Size/dimension: 7x3 Feet, Rs 2600 ...

The Collapsible doors are composed of vertical double channels (20 X 10 X 2 mm) joined together with hollows on the inside to create an artificial gap. Channels are spaced about100mm – 200mm apart and braced with diagonal iron flats, which allow the shutter to open/close giving an appearance of a “steel-curtain”. The doors shutter operates within two rails, one fixed to the floor and the other at the lintel. Roller fixed on top supports the equivalent movement in both directions for easier operation.

20. Rolling Shutters :

Roll-up garage doors - manual or automated | Roll up garage door ...

Rolling Shutters are generally used for shops/go-downs. This shutter works as a barrier and provides protection against fire and thefts wind and hails.The rolling shutter is made of Steel slabs called laths or slates which are around 1.25 cm thick interlocked with each other and coiled upon a specially designed pipe shaft called “drum” mounted at the top.
Such an arrangement is made that shutter moves in two vertical steel guide channels mounted at the ends. The channels may be made of steel sheets, deep enough to accommodate shutter and to keep it in position.
The rolling door is raised to open it and lowered to close it. On large rolling shutter doors (more than 10 Sqm), the action may be motorized.

21. Glazed Doors :

15 Lite Glazed Knotty pine LH & RH Internal Door, (H)2032mm (W ...

Glazed or slash doors are the same as framed/paneled doors, except one of the panels is replaced with a glass to improve visibility of the interior room.

22. Revolving Doors :

Contemporary Revolving Door at Rs 2927514 /piece | Revolving Doors ...

This door has a central shaft with four Wings that hang on it, The Shaft Rotates around the vertical axis within a round enclosure.


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