1. Amenities :
Amenities means roads, streets, open spaces, parks, recreational grounds, play grounds, gardens, water supply, electric supply,street lighting, drainage, sewerage, public works and other utilities, communication network, surface and convenience.

2. Amusement park :
A large outdoor area with fairground rides, refreshments, games of chance or skill and other entertainments.

3. Atrium :
It is also called plural atria. It means an unobstructed, multi storied open space within a building that covered from top with light weight or glazed roof.

4. Banquet hall :
It means a room or an enclosed space or building for the purpose of hosting any social events or ceremonies like marriage, reception, party etc. With accompanying food and beverages.

5. Basement :
I means the lower storey of a building having at least half of the clear floor height of the basement or cellar below average ground level.

6. Botanical garden :
It is a garden or an open space of land often with green houses for the culture, study and exhibition of special plants.

7. Building line :
It is the control line up to which the plinth of a building adjoining an existing, proposed or extended street may lawfully extend and includes the lines described in any TP schemes or development plan.

8. Build to line :
IT means a line with which the exterior wall of a building in a development is required to coincide. Some percent of the road side facade area of the ground or more floors in buildings with more than one floor, may extend to the road side property line so that the building visually reinforces the building facade line of the street.

9. Camping ground :
An area used for setting up a camp possibly having facilities to set up tents.

10. Chimney :
It is a fully or partial unclosed space parentally open to sky within a building at any level.

11. Club :
It is a commercial establishment where people usually members voluntarily meet on a regular basis for a mutual purpose other than education, religious, charitable, or financial pursuits and are entitled to use the premises and property in exchange for the payment of entrance fees and subscriptions to the proprietor as well as any additional rights and privileges provided in their contractual agreement.

12. convention center / Exhibition center :
A convention center is a large building that is designed to hold a convention, where individuals and groups gather to promote and share common interests. Convention centers typically offer sufficient floor to accommodate several thousand attendees. Very large venues, suitable for major trade shows, are sometimes known as exhibition centers. Convention centers typically have at least one auditorium and may also contain concert halls, lecture halls, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Some large resort area hotels include a convention center.

13. Corridor :
It is a common passage or circulation space including a common entrance hall.

14. Courtyard :
A courtyard means a space permanently open to the sky within the site or building structure.

15. Dharamshala :
A building devoted to religious or charitable purpose offering lodging and dinning facilities for interested individuals or group of people at a nominal charge or in some cases free of charge.

16. Escalator :
It is a power driven, inclined, continuous stairway used for raising or lowering passengers.

17. Exhibition hall :
It is a large hall for holding exhibitions.

18. Farm house :
It is a plot of land including permissible construction in the area designated as agricultural use by the competent authority with a minimum land area of 4000 sq.m.

19. Lobby :
It is a hall at the entrance of a building or corridor / hall connected with a larger room or series of rooms and used as a passageway or waiting room.

20. Mezzanine floor :
It is an intermediate floor between two floors overhanging or overlooking a floor beneath with a minimum clear height of 2.1 mts at the mezzanine level and the floor below.

21. Motel :
It is an establishment that provides short-term and long-term lodging usually located with good access to the state and national road network.

22. Parapet :
It is a low wall or railing built along the edge of roof of a floor such as terrace, balcony, mezzanine or staircase.

23. Porch :
It is a covered surface supported on pillars or otherwise for the purpose of a pedestrian or vehicular approach to a building exclusive of marginal space.

24. Ventilation :
It is the supply of outside air into, or removal of inside air from an enclosed space.

25. Staircase :
It is a flight or series of flights of steps with the supporting framework, casing and balusters constructed to connect different floors or levels in a building.


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