Paint is a pigmented liquid composition that after applying on the wall converts in thin layer of solid film. Painting is just not gives aesthetic appearance to our structure but also provides protection against such an actions like corrosion, decaying and weathering. Paint should be selected by material surface, weather conditions etc. But in every element there are such defects occur here i will tell you some defects occurs in the paint after painting completed.

The defects found in paint work after completing are given below.
1. Blistering
2. Fading 
3. Flaking
4. Blooming
5. Chalking
6. Sagging
8. Running
9. Sponification
10. Wrinkling
11. Flashing
12. Mildew

1. Blistering :

In blistering, swelling of paint film are occur. Swelling is happened due to presence of moisture or grease or oil matters. It is a formation of an air bubble underneath the paint film. When water vapor trapped under the paint film, It creates air bubbles under it.

2. Fading : 

Fading is a discoloration of paint. In which shade of color changing to a different and less attractive. this phenomena happens due to atmospheric conditions like sunlight, moisture. they reacts on the paint film.

3. Flaking :
In flaking, some portion of the paint separated from the paint surface. this is happens due to poor adhesion between paint and the surface to be painted. To prevent this defect, clean the surface to be painted with abrasive paper before paint work commencement.

4. Blooming :
In blooming, some dull patches are formed on the surface of paint. This defect is caused due to defective paint, weathering conditions and improper ventilation.

5. Chalking :
Chalking is the formation of powder on the painted surface. This is happen by the use of insufficient thinner in the primer. To prevent this defect, Use sufficient thinner in the primer.

6. Sagging :
When our pint mixture is too thick at a time we are applying on surface to be painted then it will be run downword and sagging of paint. It is similar to running defect but in this defect paint film is too thick. 

7. Grinning :
When the final coat of paint is very thin in layer and transparent, background can be seen clearly due to insufficient opacity of paint. This is called grinning.

8. Running :
When a thin layer of paint is applying on the smooth surface the paint may run back and sometimes leave small areas of surface uncovered. This defect is called running.  

9. Sponification : 
When the paint surface is exposed to chemicals such as alkalis there will be soap patches are formed on the painted surface. It is look like a paint film gets peel off from the surface. This is called as sponification.
10. Wrinkling :
When a thick layer of the paint applied on the surface the paint film sometimes get shrink and develop crawl on the surface. This defect is known as wrinkling.
11. Flashing :
The formation of glossy patches on the painted surface it will be called flashing. This is caused due to poor quality of paint, weathering effects and poor workmanship.
12. Mildew :
Mildew is the form by the fungus. It will be grow well in warm, moist and dark places. It grows rapidly and form dark gray colored patches on the painted surface.


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